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Lovely Latvian stude
Alder • 2022 år
Arbejds område •
Køn • Kvinde
Stilling • Escort & Massage
Telefon • 50 39 91 61
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Annonce ID 133
BILLEDER 11 stk.
D immaculately presented.

i love well cultured, well mannered gentlemen with fun and caring personalities. i do not enjoy egotistical or shallow men, i enjoy depth, individualism, good character and a sense of humor is very important. i adore the smell of cologne on a man i find so many intoxicating and orgasmic. in the bedroom i enjoy versatility and men who are comfortable in sharing their desires over time, knowing i have turned your erotic and intimate fantasies into a reality and satisfied all of you is what gives me my satisfaction.
let's plan our time together, i find anticipation involved leading up to a special date to be extremely exciting and enables me to be ready for our erotic encounter. please ensure you read how to contact me, first impressions count.
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don't ask discount. sex without condom is no way